About the Treatment


Microblading is a semi-permanent 3D eyebrow enhancement procedure using sterilized single-use tools to create hair-like hyperrealistic look. 

Pigment of the the eyebrow is chosen based upon the clients natural hair color. 

Shape of the eyebrows is calculated with a compass according to the  golden intersection (PHI I.618) and face morphology.

What to expect after your first treatment:

  • Eyebrow color is 40-50% darker during the first 5 to 7 days
  • A touchup is recommended approximately 4 weeks after initial procedure, in some cases 10-15 % of strokes may significantly fade or disappear. 
  • Pigment duration depends on clients skin type, the oilier the skin the the greater skin cell turnover; therefore shorter results.
  • Sun exposure and extensive sweating can also affect the duration of the tattoo.
  • On average touchups to maintain brow shape and color is recommended every 10-12 months, for oily skin every 6 months.

Want to know more, Click Here to Download the PDF.

Please download the follow documents for your information and bring the necessary document on your appointment.  

Official Paoglam Microblading consent form

Microblading Post Care