Chemical Service Release Form

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I, release (PAOGAM BEAUTY CO.) and, the Stylist, from any responsibility and/or liability concerning the application, processing and/or consequences of the permanent/semi-permanent/temporary chemical procedure on my hair. I realize that any information I withhold regarding my previous processes may increase my chances of damage and the potential for an unpredictable chemical reaction and that chemical processes may cause some damage to my hair. I release and hold (PAOGLAM BEAUTY CO.) and its employees harmless against any and all liability, damage, and/or expenses arising out of or in connection with, actions, claims, and/or damages resulting in personal injuries and disabilities (physical and/or psychological) that I might incur as a result of the chemical alteration through permanent chemical processing of my hair. I understand that additional conditioning treatments may be recommended and/or necessary for my hair maintenance and that damage to my hair is possible due to the extreme nature of this chemical process.